Вышла CoDeSys 3.5 SP6


Вышла новая версия Codesys. Скачать ее можно на официальном сайте.

UPD: В связи с тем что у меня на двух разных машинах установочный файл скачался с ошибкой, размещаю рабочий дистрибутив здесь.

Основные нововведения в SP6:
  • Symbolic paths for file system on the controller
  • Structured exception handling (“Try / Catch”)
  • Call stack of exceptions in external library functions
  • Secured leaving of external library functions on error
CODESYS Engineering
  • Inline ST-code in the FBD- and LD-editors
  • Debugging view for device memory (Hex / ASCII)
  • Enhanced handling of devices licenses
  • Improved watch list: multi-application handling and online range check for integer data types
  • CODESYS Application Composer: Generation of macro modules and deployment of one and the same module to different PLCs (“decoupled modules”)
CODESYS Visualization
  • Visualization style “flat”
  • Visualization element “Webbrowser”
  • Semitransparent element colors
  • Functional duplication of visualization elements
  • Native control interface (CODESYS WebVisu)
  • String literals in G-Code
  • Consistent error logging
  • Debug library to read and write CNC queues
CODESYS Fieldbus
  • Download of missing device descriptions from a CODESYS server
  • CANopen: GetKernelState support
  • CAN: network scanner
  • J1939: non-safe deployment in a SIL2 environment
  • EtherCAT: configuration of EL6631 and SDO information service support
  • PROFINET: configurator with I/O Master Stack library and IRT-scheduling
  • EtherNet/IP: Structured view of the I/O image (device configuration)
  • Modbus: TCP function block for client functionality and communication settings for clients at runtime

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